5 Easy Ways to Find More Time for Yourself

If you’re anything like any other mom or boss babe – from early mornings to late nights, your day is pretty non stop. Thinking of trying to find any time for ourselves typically seems to be the last thing on our radar.

This, my friends, is what I call a bad habit. Are we all insanely busy? Yes. But we’re all insanely smart too – we all know that taking time for ourselves only makes for a better version of you. So why don’t we do it? Why don’t we take the time that we deserve to decompress?

Maybe you feel guilty (hand raise, right here). Maybe you feel like you truly don’t have the time or can’t find the time. Whatever your reason, let’s change that. Let’s start changing our way of thinking, shall we? Let’s start making you and your time a priority starting now. To help you along, here are 5 easy ways that you can start today to find more time for yourself to help you relax, refresh and rejuvenate.

Be an Early Riser: I do this every day that I go to work.  I set my alarm to give me about 10-20 minutes after I get ready to sit and drink coffee before having to wake up my littles.  It can give your mind time to think about what is ahead for the day. Or it can give your mind nothing to think of before your day begins. It doesn’t matter whether it’s sipping coffee, tea, scrolling Insta or Pinterest,  just as long as it is something for you.

Take a Shower: Seriously, sometimes it’s the only way to get a little bit of piece and quiet.  Have you seen the commercials where the mom is in the bathroom with the door locked eating ice cream?  That’s me. I’m that mom. Although, I’d switch out the ice cream for candy.  It’s the same idea as waking up early. For me, showers are where I can get a bit of uninterrupted think sessions. It doesn’t have to be the bathroom or a shower but find a place for you that you can escape for bit without bother .

Recognize Your Time: If you went through one day and consciously picked out all the times that you are alone, you may be surprised.  In our busy life, sometimes these are the only chances to savor a little me time. Think about your routine. Is there something that you do every day that you are alone? Do you have to run to the supermarket to pick up milk? Or maybe you pick up your kids after work? Take that time to blast your favorite song, listen to a bit of your favorite podcast or just have some peace and quite.  It’s all about inserting the things that you enjoy into your daily grind. 

Be Vocal: Have you ever told your love that you just needed a minute? Sometimes, it pains us to ask for help. We all have needed help in one way or another at some (or many) points of our life and whoever you ask, I am positive they will understand. It takes a village ladies, learn how to embrace it! Ask your partner, friends or family. Ain’t no shame in that game.

Add Yourself to the To Do’s: The list. When the kids are in bed or you come home from a long day, sometimes our work just begins. I’m here to tell you, the-list-never-ends. There’s good news though…the-list-never-ends! Some of that stuff can wait, it will be there when you decide to get back to it.

Your daily list should include every single day. I get it, there are things that need to get done, but beyond that, let it go. Try to compromise with yourself and set a time you can call it quits and give yourself some time back. I suggest to pencil in time for yourself once you accomplished what you need to for the day otherwise you will be thinking about what you need to get back to instead of being able to disconnect.

I’d love to hear from you! Do you have any ways that you sneak time in for yourself each day?

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